Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Insect Eaters


Finally got round to visiting Westhay Moor. Unfortunately due to the footpaths being strimmed whilst we were visiting the chances of seeing any Otters was pretty remote. Likewise most of the birdlife appeared to have flown. Fortunately there was plenty of Cetti’s, Reed Warblers and an unusual mixture of insect eaters.

Round leaved Sundew

The not so Common Sundew

Yellow Pitcher Plant

Yellow Pitcher Plant presumably planted for it’s educational value. It’ll be interesting to see how it survives. In common with all Pitcher Plants it really belongs in America.

Purple Pitcher Plant

The Purple Pitcher Plant. Unlike the yellow species this one is relatively hardy and grows quite happily outside all year round in the south-west. Not too sure how it’d get on up north.

Ladybird larvae

Another insect eater – Ladybird larvae feeding on Greenfly.


Hard to imagine that in mid-winter 6 million Starlings roost in Westhay’s reedbeds ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one day we’ll have to call down in early February.

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