Thursday, 4 August 2011

Broad leaved Helleborine’s

A good year for the local Orchids.
Initially there was 23 flower spikes developing from April onwards. 14 were mown out by the Mersey Valley Warden Service/Manchester City Council with all but 1 of the remaining 9 developing and coming into flower over the past week.
Typically the flower colour varies from very pale to a deeper pink however the inside of the “cup” is always a rich red colour.
Broad leaved Helleborine
A typical pale version of the Broad leaved Helleborine
Broad leaved Helleborine
Broad leaved Helleborine
The more common pink version.
Since making the Wardens aware of their location the edges to the various footpaths haven’t been mown out. Hopefully they should now get the opportunity to set seed and spread a bit further throughout the woodland.

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