Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Naked Flowering Crocus


Unusually this year Autumn seems to have arrived right on cue. Certainly no sign of an Indian summer.

Several groups of Autumn Crocus are now in flower along the Mersey Valley. The most reliable spot appears to be where Chorlton Brook joins the Mersey at Chorlton Ees. However there’s also plenty of them hidden away in Kenworthy Wood and further upstream in Didsbury. In the past I’ve also seen them next to the substation opposite Chorlton Water Park. Unfortunately most of the late summer/early autumn flowering plants tend to get mown out by the Env. Agency. 

Autumn CrocusAutumn Crocus

Good to find a fresh clump of Glistening Inkcaps tucked away in the woods

Glistening Inkcap

Also Sulphur Tuft growing at the base of a log seat next to the “wildlife pond” in Chorlton Water Park

Sulphur Tuft

With the nights now drawing in the local Foxes and Bats have been very noticeable over the past couple of weeks. Encouragingly the local Tawny Owls appear to have had a good breeding season with at least 4 of them around the valley. 

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