Friday, 29 June 2012

Durlston Country Park

Another very impressive National Nature Reserve and country park to the west of Swanage town centre overlooking the bay. To date it’s the best public park I’ve been to in this country it really is a superb area. Even if you can’t visit the park their website knocks spots off most others. Every time we’ve visited there’s been something different to see.

Black Redstart
A rare Black Redstart (male). One of the circa 30 pairs that breed in Britain each year


Black Redstart
Black Redstart with a small caterpillar on it’s way back to the nest site


Early English Gentian
Early English Gentian

Early English Gentian
The rare Early English Gentian growing amongst the short grass close to the lighthouse.


Adders Tongue Fern
Another easily missed uncommon plant – Adder’s Tongue Fern

Early Spider Orchid
One of the rarest Orchids in Britain – the Early Spider Orchid

Durlston Head
Looking west towards Peveril Point from Durlston Head

Kidney Vetch
Kidney Vetch an important food source for the Adonis Blue growing on the seacliffs

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