Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sandwich Terns

A few photo’s from a brief visit to the Sandwich Tern colony at the DWT reserve on Brownsea Island. The noise and non-stop action certainly helped to make it a memorable visit.  In addition to the Sandwich Terns there’s was also several pairs of Common Terns and a single pair of the rare Roseate Terns. Unfortunately the Roseate’s were too far away to photograph. Perhaps one for next year if there’s still a few pairs on Inner Farne.


Sandwich Tern bringing in a Sand-eel

and another one

and yet another


Apparently the day before our visit a Nightjar had spent all day roosting on one of the posts holding up the screens at the edge of the causeway to the MacDonald Hide. Would have been good to see but fortunately we were lucky enough to experience them flying over us at Arne.

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