Thursday, 10 November 2011

Early Autumn Fungi – Part 1


It looks like being a good year for fungi especially down south.

Within the local area most of the Mersey valley around Manchester has been used for gravel extraction, sewage farms and refuse tips. Whilst the tree and grass cover give a good impression of natural open space the ground lacks the range of fungi that would normally be found. A recent trip down to Dorset really demonstrated the range of fungi that could be found in an unspoilt area.

The unmistakeable and poisonous Fly Agaric on Grip Heath

Pseudotrametes gibbosa
Trametes pubescans – one of the more uncommon bracket fungi on Silver Birch at Arne
Pseudotrametes gibbosa
Trametes pubescans
Common Earthball
Common Earthball – found across all the heathland and mosses.
The Sickener
The Sickener – Coombe Heath
Spotted Collybia – Kilwood DWT
Dye Polypore
Dye Polypore – Kilwood DWT
Common Puffball – Kilwood DWT
Common Puffball after releasing its spores

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