Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Early Autumn Fungi – Part 2

More fungi from Arne and Kilwood Nature Reserve in East Creech, Dorset
Underside of the Bleeding Oak Crust Polypore – Kilwood DWT
Bleeding Oak Crust (above)
Many-Zoned Polypore
Bleeding Oak Crust
Common Funnel Cap
Giant Funnel – Kilwood DWT
Tawny Grisette
Tawny Grisette – Arne
Wood Blewit
Slippery Jack – Kilwood DWT
Cortinarius cinnamomeobadius
Not sure about the ID of this one but possibly Cinnamon Webcap
Xeromphalina campanell
The Deceiver -another common heathland fungi
Plums and Custard.
Primrose brittlegill
Primrose Brittlegill at Arne

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